3D Night Lamp - XL

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Celebrate and show off your love and support for your football club with this vibrant Club Crest Night Lamp that lights up in any of 7 LED colours to bring magic to any room (…some say it’s a Good Luck charm for your team!)

A club crest is all about the DNA, Passion, Identity, and History of the club.It unites fans with a shared passion for the club and is a key symbol of club allegiance. What could be better than displaying Your Club Crest as a Night Lamp in declaration of your unwavering allegiance to your beloved club?

My Club Crest Night Lamp is suitable for all ages and looks great in any room such as the bedroom lounge, study, desk at work, man cave, woman cave, restaurant, dining table, bar, clubhouse, home pub, etc. 

Product Specification

Sizes: Regular 22cm ; Xtra Large :30 cm .(Approx. dimensions including base) 

Laser printed acrylic sheet, that sits on a base and reflects a 3D illusion design.

7 Colours to switch or cycle (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Cyan/Purple/White)

Eco- Friendly: Powered by 3 AA batteries or any USB power source (computer/phone charger/power bank) using the 1M USB cable provided. 

Kids Safe: Emits a soft/non-dazzling light with no heat emitted.

Either touch-operated or remote controlled.

Adjustable brightness.  

Easy to assemble or disassemble, making it convenient to take anywhere with you.

Solid Base with rubber feet.

Suits any mood and any room.